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Freebird Records is a small label founded in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, currently residing in Leiden (The Netherlands). It all started in the early 1990's, but things got serious when we switched to CD releases in 1998. Freebird is intended as a platform for ambitious bands with good rock music to present themselves to a wider audience. We're bringing mainly heavy groove rock (sludge, stoner, retro, cosmic, psychedelic, acid and space kinds of rock), but we like to surprise everyone by bringing music that is just that bit different.

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New releases

Amusing The Amazing
Slo Burn
"Amusing The Amazing"
10 inch (Color)
€ 18,99
Future Primitive
"Future Primitive"
LP album (Purple)
€ 18,99
Everybody Knows We Got Nowhere
The Heads
"Everybody Knows We Got Nowhere"
2LP album
€ 31,99
2LP album (Blue)
€ 26,99
For Those Which Are Asleep
The Skull
"For Those Which Are Asleep "
LP album
€ 24,99